Prevention and hygiene of the mouth cavity

Profilaktyka stomatologiczna - Lublin - Czyszczenie zębówPrevention and hygiene of the mouth cavity are required to maintain healthy and clean teeth and the gums, fresh breath and a radiant smile. The regular brushing of the teeth and applying a mouthwash in the mouth cavity are the basics, however, if such methods prove insufficient, it is worth to apply dental hygienic procedures such as:

  • polishing and fluorisation of the teeth – strengthening the enamel and increasing its resistance to caries. This procedure may be applied in the case of children and adults alike;
  • scaling of the teeth (tartar ultrasound removal) – conducted with the application of an ultrasound device (scaler) and being the most effective method of the very thorough removal of hardly-removable tartar (hard, calcified deposits, formed of the shed epithelial cells, the remains of food, bacteria and substances in the saliva) from the dental plaque. Scaling makes it possible to restore the natural white colour of the teeth, makes them look appealing, and also protects against the states of the inflammation of the gums and the paradentium, which may lead to caries and paradontosis. After scaling, the teeth are additionally polished with manual tools;
  • sandblasting of the teeth – applied as a complement to scaling in the case of a very large quantity of calculus, or as a stand-alone procedure, making it possible to remove a thin layer of tartar. Sandblasting of the teeth effectively removes tartar from sites which are difficult to access. This procedure is conducted with the application of a special dental sandblasting machine, which, applying the best possible water pressure, sprinkles a fine powder, which crushes calculus, on the teeth.


Cleaning the teeth professionally in a dental ward makes it possible to remove unappealing and troublesome dental deposits, calculus and discolouration effectively and for a long time dental deposits.


These procedures are completely painless, performed with the application of a high class of devices, ensuring the safe and thorough removal of calculus. Before a procedure, the experienced dental personnel of Tymodental conducts the assessment of the state of healthy of the mouth cavity. After the procedure, a Patient is provided with instructions on maintaining hygiene, including proper teeth cleaning.


Sandblasting and scaling of the teeth are frequently performed before important celebrations such as a wedding and wedding reception. Tymodental offers couples a 10% discount on its procedures.