Periodontologia Lublin - leczenie nadwrażliwości zębówPeriodontology is the field of stomatology dealing with the prevention and treatment of the diseases of the paradentium and the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity.


As part of our periodontological services, Tymodental comprehensively treats the diseases of the gums and the bones of the teeth such as:


  • gangival retraction – the problem whose symptoms are the atrophy or backward movement of the gums;
  • paradontosis – the bacterial disease whose symptoms are, most frequently, bleeding of the gums, the oedema of the gums, unpleasant mouth smell, teeth mobility, denundation of the dental necks, and the hypersensitivity of the teeth;
  • the inflammation of the gums and the paradentium – in the initial phase, nothing usually indicates the occurrence of a dental problem because it is infrequent for Patients to experience pains. More frequently, Patients complain of the sensitivity of the teeth or the bleeding of the gums (albeit not profuse); sometimes, what also occurs is the oedema of the gums, change of their colour and root denundation.


If not treated, the diseases of the gums cause a substantial discomfort, and may also lead to the loss of the teeth, therefore, if symptoms giving rise to concern are noticed, it is better to see a dentist promptly.


To diagnose a problem precisely and develop a proper treatment plan, in Tymodental we first take a pantomographic (radiologic) photo, and conduct meticulous periodontological examination. The process of treatment is commenced from the removal of dental deposits with the application of sandblasting or scaling (depending on the Patient's needs), which make it possible to reduce the state of inflammation. Afterwards, we deal with an inflammatory reaction, and also commence the procedure of the regeneration of the bones and tissues of the paradentium. In a particularly difficult case, our proposal for a Patient is the surgical regeneration and reconstruction of the bones.


The time required to conduct this therapy and its effectiveness depend on the degree of the exacerbation of the disease. In Tymodental, we use the state-of-the-art achievements of stomatology to make the smile of our Patients healthy and radiant again. We also remind about regular check up visits that should maintain the effects of treatment and make it possible to avoid the relapse of the disease in the future.