Okluzja Lublin - Leczenie wad zgryzuOcclusion is the regular location of the jaw joint, together with the regular tonicity, and also an appropriate relation between the upper and lower teeth. All and any irregularities in this area are the possible causes of the onset of occlusive disease.


Occlusive disease may be caused by orthodontic defects, the loss of even one tooth or the dentition of the wisdom teeth. Its development is contributed as well by flat filling teeth, which do not have reconstructed cusps and pits, i.e. the natural shape of a tooth.


The symptoms of occlusive disease are, among others, teeth attrition, followed by: tooth mobility, cold / heat intolerance, and also pain experienced when biting (all of which are reasonable causes for concern). Very frequently, they are accompanied as well by muscle pains or migraines. One should remember that, if not treated, occlusive disease means a threat, even of the loss of teeth, therefore, it is also worth asking one's partner or someone else whether we sometimes gnash our teeth at night while we are sleeping.


The surgical treatment of occlusive disease conducted by us makes it possible to:

  • protecting the teeth against attrition,
  • eradicating of the habit of gnashing teeth,
  • elimination of cranial myotonus and resulting headaches,
  • making your smile healthy and beautiful again,
  • achieving harmony in the functioning of all the chewing organs.

Several years off our experience in the treatment of occlusive disorders make it possible to combat them effectively, and the procedures applied in our ward are globally-recognised solutions, among others, the popular method of J.Kois.