Infant stomatology

Stomatologia dziecięca - Lublin - Leczenie zębów u dzieciIn Tymodental, we know that healthy teeth result from caring about the hygiene of the mouth cavity as soon as during the first years of life. The milk teeth and the first permanent teeth are most frequently in the risk of caries, therefore, we conduct comprehensive procedures aiming at protecting them against this contagious bacterial disease.

Lacquer fluorisation of the teeth

Fluorisation of the teeth, is to strengthen the enamel. This simple preventive procedure consists in placing on previously cleaned and dried teeth a preparation with a high content of fluorine, which forms a protective layer, gradually releasing useful fluorine ions. The lacquer in use is completely safe, and its accidental swallowing does not result in any threat. The fluorisation of the teeth prevents the formation of caries and makes the teeth resistant to demineralisation. It is as well recommended when a child has the denundated dental necks, uses an orthodontic device, removable prostheses, or is ill and receives medication causing the dryness of the mouth cavity. This procedure may be conducted as soon as in the first years of life (and also in the case of it); is it recommended to repeat it 1-4 times a year (the frequency is determined by a dentist).

Sealing the teeth

Sealing the teeth is a simple preventive procedure consisting in filling with light-cured dental sealant pits, pits and fissures in the molar and premolar teeth (in the range from the fourth to the eighth teeth), in the sites where pathogenic bacteria could exist. To prevent caries, sealing the teeth in the case of children is recommended to be conducted as early as possible, and next to be repeated every few years. This procedure includes thorough cleaning and drying the tooth, and next sealing it, followed by exposure to a light of a polymer lamp. Sealing is completely painless and takes merely several (no more than 10-20) minutes.

Treatment of caries in the case of children

When a child is diagnosed with caries, it is recommended to see a dentist immediately. Carious cavity at the initial stage of development is very easy to cure, and the procedure takes up to 30 minutes, being conducted under local anaesthesia, therefore, a Patient does not feel pain. To make the treatment of caries in the case of a child a fascinating adventure for a little Patient, we fill in cavities by applying Twinky Star – light-cured filling available in several colours like from a fairy tale, which do not only attract attention owing to their visual appeal, but also, undeniably, make a young man feel proud, while being, which matters most, resistant to attrition, sticking to the teeth well and releasing protective ions fluorine.

Why Tymodental?

We know perfectly well that, for many small Patients, a visit to a dentist is a very stressful experience, therefore, we treat all children with a particular care, and we show them most understanding. We allow them to ask questions and look at the equipment applied in our procedures to make it easier for them to understand the new environment. We also encourage parents to make a child appropriately familiar with a dentist ward. We want the first, adaptative visit, to be associated with positive experiences, owing to which none of the following ones will result in unwanted fear and crying.

For more than 30 years of running Tymodental, we have had in our ward hundreds of young children, and have been able to help make their smile look nice in a stress-free, comfortable and friendly ambience, while being in the hands of understanding and gentle dentists.


We cordially invite you to look after the teeth of children together!