Implanty LublinDental implants, Dental implants, i.e. titanium screws imitating the tooth root, on which a crown replacing a tooth is placed, are currently the technologically-state-of-the-art method of substituting permanently for the missing teeth, and also the one which is the most comfortable for a Patient. Owing to implants, it is possible to enjoy a complete set of tooth and a beautiful smile again.


When is inserting implants recommended?

Tooth implants are the perfect solution for someone who has lost their own teeth as a result of caries, an unfortunate accident, diseases or an inappropriate lifestyle, but who does not want to accept the prosthetic completing of another type, e.g. removable prosthesis.


Are tooth implants safe?

Contemporary medicine regards implants as the best, safest and relatively little invasive method of the reconstruction of a lost tooth. In the case of Patients qualified by a dentist to undergo the procedure, implants are safe and do not cause unwanted complications. In Tymodental, we apply the safest implants in its class, completely bio-compatible, lasting and durable.


Tooth implants are made of titanium, whose features include the perfect bio-compatibility achieved in the process of osseointegration, i.e. ability to be permanently combined with the osseous tissue, without the risk of rejecting the implant by the organism (the discovery of this property of titanium, and, at the same time, the development of dental implantology, is owed to the Swedish physician, and the Nobel laureate, Per-Ingvar Branemark).


What does inserting tooth implants consist in?

Qualifying a Patient for implantological treatment is preceded by a meticulous medical interview and required examinations. Afterwards, a dentist prepares the site for implant. In the course of the next visit, titanium tooth implants are inserted in the bone of the alveolar process of the jaw or mandible, where the missing tooth used to be.


A wound left after implanting is sutured and left for 3–6 months, until it heals completely, and is covered by the gum. In this period, the implanted titanium screw is integrated with the tissues of the tooth socket. For the time of the process of osseointegration, a Patient is provided with a temporary prosthetic device.


After the screw is integrated with the tissues of the body, a physician uncovers the implant again to fix a permament prosthetic device to the protruding screw; its kind, shape, size and colour are adjusted to the missing tooth, and to the Patient's remaining Patients.


Is inserting teeth implants painful?

Contrary to a popular belief, the procedure of procedure of inserting tooth implant, if conducted under local anaesthesia, is not only less complex, but also much less painful than, for instance, that of extracting a tooth. Therefore, who decides to have implants, has nothing to fear. In Tymodental, the procedure is conducted in comfortable conditions, and care is taken to conduct it precisely and correctly, without jeopardising the good general sensation of a Patient.


Tooth implants Lublin – price

The cost of implantological treatment is determined on the case-by-case basis, depending on the number and kind of inserted implants, and also the scope of procedure. Contact us and arrange a free-of-charge dental consultation to make yourself acquainted with the prices of tooth implants in Tymodental Lublin.