Endodoncja Lublin Leczenie kanałowe

Endodontics, i.e. root canal treatment, consists in diagnosing and combating the diseases of the tooth pulp, and also of the periapical tissues; it includes, among others:

  • removal of the old filling,
  • opening the tooth cavity and locating its canals,
  • forming the canal – the removal (from the cavity and root canals) of the infected or dead tooth pulp, and also disinfecting the canals and shaping them appropriately (performed by chemical and mechanical means, with the application of rotational devices and rinsing with a large quantity of liquid disinfectants),
  • complete filling of all the branches of the canals and canaliculuses/tubules with gutta-percha, preventing the formation of unwanted incompleteness and the development of bacteria,
  • reconstruction of a tooth with the application of a prosthetic crown or another form of reconstruction, depending on the Patient's needs.

To make sure that our Patients receive the highest quality of conducted treatment, all endodontic procedures are performed by us in a dental dam, i.e. a thin rubber tissue, which we line the mouth cavity of the Patient with, owing to which the only non-protected part of the mouth cavity is the tooth being treated.

To shorten the time of treatment, and also to provide the best effects, we conduct our procedures under general anaesthesia, with the application of the highest class microscope (Leica M320), and also modern tools and equipment, which makes it possible to locate all, even the smallest, tooth canals.

In our ward, we conduct as well the complex procedures of repeated root canal treatment. Such a treatment is necessary if the canal is filled with already destroyed material or hard cement, and a Patient is experiencing ailments which result from damage to the canal.

Tymodental is a member of the Polish Society of Endodontics, which means that our Patients rest assured that they can expect the highest standard, professionalism and complete safety of microscopic root canal treatment.