Diagnostyka RTG RVG Panorama Pantomograf LublinDetailed diagnostics conducted by us has enormous influence on the final result of the applied procedures.


Wishing to make sure that our Patients are treated in accordance with standards, we apply in our diagnostic examinations the state-of-the-art system of digital radiovisiography RTG-MIND DC of the Acteon company. Owing to its modern construction, which reduces radiation, it provides the highest level of safety, and ensures the appropriate quality and contrast of taken photos.



This innovative, and, at the same time, 'battle-tested' construction, makes it possible to take the photos of single teeth, and of the entire occlusion. The solutions applied in the device reduce radiation to virtually to zero level, and, at the same time, the control panel makes it possible to set the parameters and take the photo of the very area needed. This X-ray device is also applied to take intra-mouth photos, which provides the accurate and precise diagnostics of every case.


Located next to the unit (dentist chair), this radiovisiography system applied by us together with an RVG Optident 6200 device makes it possible to take photos (both periapical and panoramic), and, moreover, provides:


  • immediate result of examination – displayed on a computer monitor,
  • reduced time of waiting for a photo (several seconds) by means of not having to use X-ray processing,
  • possibility of the digital processing of the image on a monitor – e.g. enlarging the entire photo, or only chosen parts of it, or measuring the distance between chosen points,
  • filing photos and data, together with the possibility of viewing them several times,
  • reduce dose of radiation (even to zero level), in comparison with a conventional X-ray photo, which is very important if it is necessary to take photos several times at the various stages of the conducted procedure, e.g. root canal treatment.