Dental surgery

Chirurgia stomatologiczna Lublin

In our ward, for several years we have been conducting comprehensive dental surgical procedures, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, and also applying a number of the modern methods of anaesthesia to make the procedures in question painless and comfortable for our Patients.
The surgical procedures conducted by us include a broad scope of services: simple extractions (extraction of the teeth), more complex procedures, among others, the extraction of the wisdom teeth, and complex procedures in the scope of preparation for further treatment, e.g. prosthetic, implantalogical, or aesthetic reconstruction.

Our several years of experience in the procedures of dental surgery make it possible to choose a customised method for every Patient, owing to which we provide our Patients with the best possible and less painful solution.

Dental surgery Lublin

As part of comprehensive surgical treatment in our ward, we offer:

  • extraction of teeth,
  • non-traumatic extraction of a tooth – a typical method of the extraction of teeth in a very gentle way to avoid damaging the bone, required if it is necessary to replace the extracted tooth with an implant,
  • chiseling of the residual teeth roots,
  • extraction or chiseling the upper and lower wisdom teeth (so-called the eighth teeth),
  • resection of the root (cutting off the apex of the root) – applied when the procedure of root canal treatment failed to be as effective as expected,
  • extension of a clinical crown – necessary in the course of the prosthetic reconstruction of a tooth with the application of a crown applied when a tooth is destroyed under the gum,
  • extraction of the impacted teeth – stuck in bones for various reasons and recommended to be extracted,
  • augmentation of the alveolar process – applied to reconstruct the bone which atrophied after the extraction of a tooth; in that case, a special bone-forming material is implanted,
  • transplanting bone blocks,
  • lifting the maxillary sinus – this procedure is applied to build on the existing bones, and provide free space for implants.
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