Crowns and bridges

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In our ward, for many years, while offering comprehensive solutions to the problems of our Patients, we make their smile beautiful again applying in indicated cases, among others, crowns and bridges. These are aesthetic prosthetic complements, with a perfectly-chosen colour matching that of the own teeth of a Patient, and also perfectly imitating the natural teeth. Each of the solutions applied by us is customised with the Patient in mind, and also taking into account their requirements and financial resources. Crowns and bridges are resorted to only when no other solution is possible, when a tooth is very much damaged, or when, due to aesthetic or medical considerations, we replace the old crown with a new one.


Prosthetic bridges make it possible to reconstruct missing teeth with the application of the remaining own teeth (if these are in good condition). Constructing a bridge includes minimum three mutually-combined crowns: the central one (span) substitutes for a missing tooth, and the external ones constitute its supporting pillars. Before applying a bridge, it is necessary to grinding the teeth adjacent to the gap. A prosthetic bridge provides a high level of comfort of use, and constitutes very good and economical alternative to removable prostheses.


Kinds of bridges applied in our ward:

  • zirconium – made of bio-compatible, highly-aesthetic porcelain, and providing a perfect aesthetic effect while providing durability; no metal is applied;
  • zirconium – porcelain is burnt on bio-compatible zirconium oxide, giving a very good aesthetic effect;
  • dental steel – durable, but not appealing;
  • composite – as a temporary measure, aesthetic, but not durable;
  • complete ceramic – applied when aesthetic requirements are very high.

Crowns and bridges Lublin

They act like teeth, and they are shaped like teeth, and, moreover, they protect the remaining part of a tooth against further damage. Crowns, apart from their aesthetic function, also have a role protecting a tooth against breaking after root canal treatment, and also in the case of prosthetic rehabilitation when a facing is no longer possible due to a high degree of tooth damage.

It is recommended to applying prosthetic crowns in the case of damage to a natural tooth crown as a result of mechanical damage (breaking or cracking), friction traces (e.g. resulting from bruxism), a carious cavity or a disease. A prosthetic crowns are also applied at the last stage of implantological and root canal treatment. They are also applied for the reconstruction of a tooth crown, which is incorrectly arrayed in the dental curve or has a non-appealing shape, or in the case of a strong discolouration of the enamel, which cannot be removed by means of scaling and sandblasting.

In Tymodental, we apply a ceramic crowns (made of porcelain), whose features include high durability, resistance to mechanical damage and attrition, best possible edge tightness, bio-compatibility (crowns do not irritate the gums, and are recommended for people with allergies), and excellent appeal. An appropriate translucence, fluorescence and opalising mean that crowns are visually impossible to be told from the own teeth of a Patient.

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