Dental prosthetics

Protetyka stomatologiczna Lublin

In our ward, we care about the healthy and beautiful appearance of the own teeth of our Patients. For many years, we have been working in the field of prosthetics, i.e. in the area of stomatology dealing with the deformation of the initial state of occlusion a damage or the loss of own teeth.


Our Patients are offered a full scope of prosthetic services, owing to which the lack of teeth, or their unhealthy appearance, ceases to be a problem. The combination of our knowledge and experience in the scope of dental prosthetics provides the perfect final effect – an appealing appearance and a beautiful smile.


In each of the cases: the lack of an entire tooth, the lack of several or all teeth, we apply a customised treatment plan based on several options of solutions convenient for a Patient and meeting their requirements in terms of health, aesthetic and finances.
In the course of determining a customised treatment plan for a Patient, we always take into the rules of analysing the possible final effects in terms of aesthetics to make sure that, as experts, we will make it possible for a Patient to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.


Depending on the area and location of the missing teeth we propose various kinds of prosthetic completion, and all the procedures are conducted in accordance with the rules of occlusion so that the teeth would not show the signs of attrition, and the porcelain would not crack.
The comprehensive prosthetic treatment conducted in our ward provides a long-lasting effect for health and aesthetics..

Dental prosthetics Lublin: