Porcelain facings

Licówki porcelanowe - Lublin

Facings are durable, resistant to attrition, thin porcelain onlays, fixed to the front surfaces of the teeth. They make it possible to correct the shape, size, colour and location of a tooth in the dental curve, and also other imperfections of appearance. A facing is the easiest method of improving the appearance of the teeth and enjoy a perfectly white, radiant Hollywood smile, in a short time.


Our Patients more and more frequently decide to apply porcelain facings appreciating their assets and a viable lasting effect of a beautiful smile. The porcelain facings applied by us are very thin, and, at the same time, very durable, and the effect achievable owing to them is nothing short of spectacular.


Facings are ceramic plates which are applied to change the colour or shape of the teeth by means of fixing them on the front surface of the teeth. If a Patient has healthy teeth, usually, two visits are sufficient to fix a facing. In the course of the first visit, an attending physician slightly polishes the surface of the teeth and collects dental impression (prosthetic mass), on the basis of which a prosthetic technician makes facings. In turn, during the next visit, the ready facings are fixed on the teeth. The procedure may be conducted under local anaesthesia.


To obtain a beautiful and appealing smile, it is recommended to make minimum six facings – on incisors and the cuspids.
To maintain long-lasting and high-quality effects, the teeth on which the facings are to be placed, must first undergo complete treatment.


It is recommended to apply facings in the case of:

  • lasting discolouration and stains caused by diseases, smoking tobacco or the frequent consumption of coffee;
  • mechanical damage of a tooth, e.g. breaking, cracking, cavities and extensive damage to the enamel;
  • stems (spaces between the teeth) – diastems (spaces between the central incisors) and trems (spaces between the lateral teeth).