Conservative stomatology

Stomatologia zachowawcza LublinIn our ward, we place a lot of emphasis on diagnostics, and also prevention, as well as the possibly rapid removal of the foci of disease which already exist. The experience of our team, and the diagnostic equipment applied by us make it possible to early discover irregularities formed over the years, which, if not treated, result in discomfort, pain and various complications.

For many years, our ward has been involved in conservative stomatology, which is the first step on the road to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth. In the scope of the area of conservative stomatology, there are the prevention of the mouth cavity, and also procedures and services such as:

  • silver nitrate treatment of the milk teeth;
  • treatment of caries and filling carious cavities;
  • reconstruction of the tissues and the teeth crown (permanent filling, light-cured, made of composite material);
  • permanent filling, reinforced with the use of nails, and made of fibreglass;
  • temporary filling;
  • endodontics (root canal treatment) and re-endodontics (repeated root canal treatment);
  • treatment of the hipersensitivy of the teeth;
  • treatment of the gingival pockets;
  • applying splint on the teeth affected by gomphiasis.

Conservative stomatology Lublin

In Tymodental, we put a lot of emphasis on counteracting and finding out about caries, with which as many as 90% Poles have to struggle. Caries is the most common contagious disease of the hard tissues of the teeth, affecting both children and adults. It begins in the dental plaque, resulting from the adverse impact of acids produced by bacteria as a result of sugar metabolism.

The prevention of caries including daily care about the hygiene of the mouth cavity and regular visits to a dentist, makes it possible to diagnose and combat this disease, which, if not treated, might in the future seriously damage the tooth, early. It is good to know that caries may also be responsible for the disease of the gums and the paradentium, and also for an unpleasant mouth smell, as well as lead to the diseases of the kidneys, heart and joints, therefore, its treatment is so important for maintaining the health of the teeth and the entire organism.

The initial symptoms of caries are demineralisation and softening the enamel – its symptom is so-called carious spot, which, as time passes, becomes darker. The caries-affected tooth may be cured easily during the early stage of the disease. Unfortunately, however, when we postpone visiting the dentist, caries progresses and penetrates the tooth pulp, which may cause its necrosis; then, preventing the development of inflammation state and saving a tooth is highly more difficult, or virtually impossible. Yet, in each case, the Patients of Tymodental may count on comprehensive dental help and making your smile healthy again.

The treatment of caries in the case of children and adults consists in the removal of the affected tissues tooth and using filling on a carious cavity. The high manual skills of our dentists and applied composite filling (light-cured), available in a broad assortment of colours, make it possible to obtain the shape, colour and shine similar to those of a natural tooth. The removal of caries is conducted under local anaesthesia, owing to which the procedure is completely painless. In every case, we choose customised and appropriate solutions, to restore the natural appearance and functions of the teeth.

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