Prosthetic laboratory

We collaborate with a professional prosthetic laboratory TYMO-LABOR, specialising in dental techniques.


For our Patients, the laboratory makes the biofunctional prostheses of teeth, implants, ceramic-metal and fully-ceramic crowns, endocrowns, facings, the reconstructions of the inlay and onlay types, periapical bridges, links, telescopes, snaps, bolts and valves.


Combining experience, precision and the highest quality of materials, TYMO-LABOR prosthetic laboratory makes it possible for our Patients to enjoy a magnificent smile every day.



Prosthetic laboratory Piotr Bandurak

VAT № 694-155-37-63
REGON № 365227844


ul. Kosynierów 21
20-152 Lublin


Mob. 513 -529-382


artykulator pracownia protetyczna lublin piotr bandurak

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