DENTISTRY Tymodental is equipped with an ergonomic dental unit with a comfortable armchair and state-of-the-art equipment, owing to which tooth diagnostic and treatment are uniquely precise, rapid, effective and as painless as possible.

Motivated by the care about the high effectiveness of treatment, and also safety and comfort of our Patients, we apply, among others, the state-of-the-art endometer (Raypex 6) and smart endodontic device (SybronEndo), required for the purpose of precise root canal treatment; an innovative, cordless device making it possible to fill the canal easily and rapidly (BL SuperEndo); a device for biostimulation laser therapy with a probe (Astar Polaris 2); ultrasound generator for scaling, i.e. the removal of tartar (NEWTRON® P5XS B.LED); intramouth X-ray device (intra-mouth) (-MIND UNITY™) and a LCD TV, making it possible to see the taken X-ray photos; a dental microscope Leica, applying which makes it possible to precisely diagnose and treat; high-class autoclave for sterilising dental equipment.